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Hotel Reviews: Tips on Asking Guests and Utilizing Leading Questions

As a hotel, it is important to make the most out of online reviews.

The first step is to ask guests to leave reviews. You can do this by including a link in your email confirmation, or by placing a review request form on your website.

When asking for reviews, it is important to use leading questions. This means asking guests specific questions about their stay that will encourage them to highlight your selling points. For example, you could ask them what they liked best about their stay, or what made them choose your hotel over others.

In addition, it is important to make it easy for guests to leave reviews. This means providing a link to your review page on major review sites, such as TripAdvisor and Yelp. You can also provide instructions on how to write a review, and remind guests that their feedback is valuable and appreciated.

What Is the Importance of Hotel Reviews?

Hotel reviews are important because they allow potential guests to see what other guests thought of their experience.

They can provide insight into the quality of the hotel, the level of service, and the amenities that are offered. They can also help guests decide if a particular hotel is right for them.

That’s why it’s important for hotels to ask their guests to leave reviews, and to do so in a way that will get them the most positive responses.

Strategies for Asking Customers to Review Your Hotel

When asking customers to review your hotel, there are a few key strategies you can use to increase the chances that they will leave positive reviews.

The first is to ask in a way that emphasizes the positive aspects of your hotel. For example, you could ask guests to review your rooms, facilities, or customer service. This will help to ensure that guests are more likely to focus on the things you do well.

You can also use leading questions to guide customers towards leaving positive reviews. For example, you could ask them how their stay exceeded their expectations, or if they would recommend your hotel to a friend. By asking questions like this, you can subtly influence guests into giving more positive reviews.

Tips on Utilizing Leading Questions

When asking guests to leave a review, it’s important to use leading questions that will elicit information that will be beneficial to your business.

For instance, you might ask the guest what they liked best about their stay. This will help you to identify your hotel’s strengths and highlight them in future reviews.

You could also ask the guest if they had any problems during their stay. This will help you to address any issues that need to be fixed.

By using leading questions, you can make sure that your hotel’s reviews are as positive as possible.

Incorporating Incentives and Rewards

Incorporating an incentive or reward for leaving a review can also be effective. You want to make sure you’re giving customers something of value as a thank you for their feedback. Consider offering discount coupons, discounts on services, or other perks so that customers feel appreciated for their time and effort. Additionally, leading questions can be used to prompt guests when leaving reviews. By asking questions that highlight your selling points, such as “What did you like best about our hotel room amenities?”, you can make sure guests provide the kind of information that will benefit your business. Asking targeted questions can help guide customers into leaving more detailed and useful feedback. Ultimately, this will help other potential customers get a better understanding of what to expect from your hotel services.

Why It’s Important to Respond to Reviews

Responding to reviews is just as important as asking for them. It shows guests that you are listening to their feedback, and it also allows you to demonstrate how your product has improved based on their input. By responding to reviews, you can highlight the selling points that you want guests to focus on. Additionally, responding to the reviews will encourage other customers to leave reviews because they will see that they will be heard and that you take their opinions into consideration.

How to Use Customer Reviews for Marketing Your Hotel

If you want to make the most out of customer reviews, it’s important to use them as a marketing tool. If done tastefully, customer reviews can be used to highlight your best features and make potential guests more likely to book with you.

Start by asking customers if they would be willing to leave a review of your hotel, and tailor your questions so that they will highlight your selling points. For instance, ask about the comfort of the beds or how easily accessible the amenities were. You can also use leading questions that encourage customers to mention certain details in their reviews. This could include asking them about their experience with the staff or how quiet the area was.

Using customer reviews for marketing purposes is a great way to reach potential customers and show them why they should stay in your hotel.


When it comes to getting hotel reviews, there are a couple of things that you can do in order to increase the chances of guests leaving positive reviews about your establishment.

The first is to ask guests directly for feedback in a way that is both polite and non-intrusive. Leading questions can be a very effective way of doing this, as they prompt guests to answer in a way that is likely to be positive.

Secondly, make sure that you are making the most of online review platforms such as TripAdvisor and Yelp. By utilizing the tools that these websites provide, you can ensure that your hotel is positioned in the best possible light and that potential guests are able to see the great reviews that you have received.

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